Monday, July 27, 2015


     The uncaused cause of the single creation of the universe is God who is the only Creator, the Ancient of days, and He remains eternal and ever the same. The world, of course does not have a mind of its own nor can it cthink of or create anything for it is also created by God who determines the course of all that He has made..

     Before the world was created the idea of its existence was in the mind of God, but not the actual  and real world, which would come into existence according to God’s decision. Thus previously the world was non-existent and outside of God. The transition from ideal to actual depended on the decision of God. His decision causes whatever He planned to occur, and the world is a multitude of beings which receive their origin outside of God.  Everything that exists is arranged in a certain order with a specific purpose. The world has come into existence according to the particular and fine plan of the Logos. The ideal world  exists in the mind of God as an internal world, and when He decides it comes into existence and becomes an actual world. 

The world as it exists is the work of a perfect intellect and will which possesses necessary power. It is the work of the Logos of the Father: “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3). It is also the work of the Spirit because it came into existence through His power and by this power is held together and maintained. 

     At first, matter was invisible because it was transparent and rarefied, but in time it changed to what appears before us today. It was also formless because it did not have the form of the world and things in it were not yet in order nor did they have a regular formation which came later. Out of this created matter the world was to be made, heavenly and earthly, spiritual, physical and moral. Single units of atoms as well as multitudes, in fact the sum total of all particles were in the world. There was nothing excess nor missing, for creation proceeded in accordance with God’s eternal plan. Everything was correct and perfect  for it to serve its purpose.

This is the special quality of an all-wise intelligence that knows everything, knows the composition of each being and its purpose which is no less that a great wonder seeing through this the wisdom and power of God in creation, for all beings that exist, are thus formed including man and his high and noble position among beings.

     Due to these facts nothing is created at the present time  but whatever is born comes into the world. For it does not receive its existence now but its nature and appearance through the law of birth. Therefore let all men recognize and acknowledge how truly marvelous are the great wisdom and power of God. The Father in heaven knew of everything that could possibly be born and exist. The exception is evil which God did not create and which only serves to oppose God’s work, but always fails in the end.

The ideal world found eternally in the perfect and limitless mind of God, receives being in time and outside of God by His own might.  It started as matter lacking form or kind, but still was available and suitable for creation of this world according to the law of progress from the less than perfect to the more perfect.


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