Sunday, April 24, 2016


Being great members of the Kingdom
             Martyrdom for them is the door to leading to eternal life.

Andrew the first call was crucified.
Bartholomew was crucified, skinned, beheaded.
James, son of Zebedee was beheaded.
John the Theologian translated without death.                                                                                                                         
Matthew the Evangelist was burned by fire.
Matthias, replaced Judas Iscariot he was stoned;
then after death he was beheaded with an axe.
Peter (Simon), Andrew’s brother was crucified                                 upside down.
Philip was crucified.
Simon the Zealot of Canna was crucified.    
Thaddeus was crucified.
Thomas was pierced with five spears.

Pre-eternal, no such word or no such place
for only God is eternal and nothing precedes Him
Mistranslation of the Greek (pro-aionion) meaning                           before the ages
Lust; There us no such word in the original Greek                             Bible;
It is a mistranslation of the Greek word (epithimyou)                       “desire”
Righteous, no such word in Greek Bible. This
      eroneously translates the original dikeosyni the                                 correct word is justice
This is found in the phrase: This is my beloved son                          in whom I am well pleased (evdokisa) should read:in                        whom I have well-decided or in whom I approve
You are a loving God, (philanthropos) correctly                                 translated is the lover of man.
In the Lord’s Prayer; Give us this day our daily                                 Bread;
Correct translation of (ton arton imon, ton                                          epiousion) is Give us this day our essential bread,

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