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     "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found because God had translated him, for without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:5).
The son of Zebedee, Elias the Prophet, did not die but ascended alive into heaven in a fiery chariot.

     To the glory of the Holy Trinity a third man was translated without death, John the Evangelist and Theologian. 

     Concerning St. John not dying was apparent in the celebration of His Feast Day, for we do not commemorate his falling asleep or death, but we celebrate his translation without death. Supporting this also are the words of Christ addressed in an exchange with Apostle Peter.  “Peter seeing him (John) said to Jesus, Lord and what shall this man do? Jesus said unto him, if I will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?  (John 21:21-22). Also the three men’s translations without death by God the author of our life is to the glory of the Holy Trinity. 

     In these present days of unbelief it is good to call to mind that the true God is necessarily a trinity. We believe and know this is so because God is self- knowing and does not know himself through another as we do. We know ourselves through our fathers, mothers doctors, etc. God knows himself through himself and not through another, because He is self-knowing  and all knowing, ,and uncaused for He is the cause and source of everything that exists. 

     God has a perfect idea of himself and the Father eternally gives forth a Logos and a Spirit and there is no ignorance in Him.  He is the Creator and the Source of all that exists, and as He continually possesses the perfect idea and spirit of himself, so He has a perfect idea of himself and everything that He brought into existence. God is one and has one nature and one essence. God is uncaused and has uncaused existence and is also eternal, everlasting and timeless. He is also simple and indivisible, and eternally remains the same. God is one, and is perfect and being the source of all knowledge thus there is no  ignorance in Him.

     We can also understand about God and His nature by a comparison with imperfect man whom God created in His image. We also have an idea of ourselves but this idea is extremely limited and imperfect, but the Idea of God is complete and perfect. Christ says that no one has seen the Father. The Son and Logos declares the will of the Father and his nature is known through the Logos. Man the image also has a mind which no man has seen and his logos communicating through his body declares him to others. 

     It is impossible for God to exist if He were not a trinity, nor could anything else exist, In God are three persons, the Father is the cause of the existence of the other two, the Logos and the Holy Spirit who come from the Father. Man could not exist if he were not a unity in the image of God.

     Man in the image of God is both a unity and trinity, having a mind, logos and spirit. Man’s mind is present but remains unseen, but man has thoughts in his mind which he understands through the spirit within him, and he expresses these thoughts through his logos in speech and gestures to God and Saints and Angels in prayer and to other men. They understand because they have the same faculties. 

     We think and communicate at all times but if we stop for a moment and examine  the process within ourselves we will see that repeatedly thoughts are flowing through our minds most of which we understand. When we are with another person, even more thoughts develop, and we speak to the other with a greeting or question or some other remark and a conversation may take place. But what is a conversation? If man were not triune he would not be man. For in his mind which is unseen are thoughts which are expressed to others through his body, by speaking and gestures. 

    Man being the image of God is not just a body and soul but also has a spirit through which he has life and understanding, thoughts, ideas and memories. So when the thought of what God is like comes to our minds, we should remember that we are an image of Him, a trinity in unity, having understanding and the  ability to communicate with others in love and peace. What a glorious and wonderful creature is every man reflecting the image of God, for every man is like God a trinity in unity.

     When we pray, we purge our thoughts, then gather them together in our minds thoughts of God, the Theotokos, Saints and heavenlky powers. Then with our logos and body we sign ourselves with the Cross and address God saying: Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is a holy and living communication between thss almighty Go d and us humble creatures. When we have something to say and speak to Him, He always listens attentively. Among the  words and ideas which God loves to hear from the cries of u sinners is: “Lord, have mercy upon me a sinner.” For God descended into the world not to save those who are righteous but to save sinners of whom I am the first.

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