Saturday, June 18, 2016


“And gave Him to be the Head of the Church 
which is His Body; 
the fulness of Him that fills all” (Eph. 1:22-23)

     The above verse from Holy Scripture completely crashes down all papal claims right onto the heads of the papists who falsely claim that their popes are heads of the church and that they own the church. For the Father gave Christ to be the Head of the Church which is His Body. There is only one Body of Christ and only one Head of the Church.  The papacy is fraudulent for it denies the truth spoken by Scripture that Christ is the one and only Head of the one Church. Instead of following Scripture they distort the words of Christ. For example, when Christ asked His disciples, Who do men say that I am? After various answers, Peter spoke and said: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Christ replied and said, that Peter’s reply was from the Father in heaven and then said: “Upon this rock I will build my Church.” The Papacy then goes on twist the words saying that the Church would be built upon Peter and that Peter is the rock and head of salvation. But this contradicts the words of Scripture. The Papacy is not a Church for they broke away and established a pseudo-church and intrduced many heresies.

     The true Church is alive and is filled with holiness and truth having been in existence for almost 2,000 years. There is one Body of Christ and one Head of the Body. The Church remains the same through the years and Christ our Head is the only Godman, the only sinless one and He is uniquely above and beyond all men that ever lived.

     The holy Orthodox Church headed by Christ is guided by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. Not all men are part of His Body, but only those who respond to Christ’s call: “Come unto me . . . ”, for he welcomes all who hear His words and desire to enter His Holy Church. God highly exalts His Church just as He exalts Christ. In the future life the whole Church will be standing next to the Holy Trinity, for as Christ  its head is highly exalted so is His Body the Church to be highly exalted. Such glory and greatness will repentant sinners attain in the holy Church.

     Christ the Godman changed many things and does not condemn sinners but calls them to repentance and into the glory of His Church. It is most difficult to properly exalt Him, but let us just say, Glory to Jesus Christ our Savior and God, who gave himself to be crucified out of His perfect love for each of one of us. His judgments and generosity exalts and will exalt the human race for all eternity and His light shines brilliantly in the glory of the All-Holy Trinity.

     Knowing our blessed and noble destination which has been prepared by the Lord, we must respond to it quickly and fervently. Our hearts must respond to His love, for no one can ever love us as does Jesus Christ, no one could ever accomplish what He did on the Cross with His terrible suffering and death. We know that following His terrible suffering and death, He arose on the third day and will never die again.

     We the Church and His Body, are most blessed having such a Head as the Godman, who keeps us on course and on the road to everlasting life. Christ is  the “fulness of Him that fills all”, for Christ is everything and the God who brought everything into existence. All heaven and earth will glorify His holy name for ever and unto the ages.

     Christ being the Head cares much for His Body, the Church, and keeps it is under His care and protection. There are always evil minded men who try to change the truths of the Church but they will certainly fail though they could possibly harm weaker brethren. But the history of the Church triumphantly declares itself to all, for it has been kept pure and incorrupt for almost 2,000 years. But we must be vigilant and protect ourselves from attacks will come, and we must respond to these attacks for ourselves and for our families.

      For example, it is forbidden by both the Bible and the Church to intermarry Orthodox with those outside of the Church but unruly hierarchs allow this. They will have to answer but if it happens to us and our friends we have a responsibility to speak up. Again, there is no baptism possible outside the Church; but  the same type of hierarch accepts the heretical and ineffective baptisms which the Church forbids and our Creed declares, saying:“I believe in one baptism for the remission of sins.” Entrance to the Church is correctly done through baptism with three immersions.The great blessing of triune baptism is denied to converts coming into the Church. These things need to be corrected as soon as possible.

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