Wednesday, June 15, 2016


“Now when the centurion and they who were 
with him watching Jesus saw the earthquake, and 
those things that were done, they feared greatly.  
saying, truly this was the Son of God” (Matt. 27:54).

     As Christ expired on the Cross, one of those who were gazing at Him was the centurion who spoke out saying, “truly this was the Son of God”. He was head of the some Roman soldiers and had been an idolater, but he saw everything and hence his faithful outcry before all. He was able to grasp what the chief priests and Pharisees could not understand, that this wicked group was had cried out to Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus Christ who was God in the flesh. Those who crucified Christ were blinded by the evil one and were rendered unable to see what was really taking place, but the centurion, doing his duty, began to receive spiritual sight.

     The Jewish elders saw the sun as it darkened, felt the earth tremble and quake, observed the rent rocks, and they saw the curtain of the temple as it divided in two. They saw all this but were blinded and their hearts were hardened, for they viciously called for the crucifixion of the Godman.

     The centurion, whose name was Longinus, spoke from his heart which led him to believe in Jesus Christ and sfter fasting and prayer he underwent martyrdom and became a witness with deep  love for Christ. The Jews bribed many soldiers and unsuccessfully attempted to bribe Longinus to prevent him from giving his testimony of what He saw and heard.

     We cry out with Longinus. truly Christ is the Son of God!  This testimony can never leave mankind for it is truth and truth remains for ever. How few people in our days believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? How many follow His commandments and do His will? There is no other way of life but in Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God who became incarnate of the Theotokos. How manyare there who love Him above father or mother, wife or children as He demands? He is meant to be the all important one and He entered our lives, for He is the God who created us! How do those who know Him not express their gratification and love? 

     We have all sinned against God    And broken his commandments. Therefore all of us without exception or question deserve punishment and  death – that is eternal death which the unworthy will experience following this temporary life. God himself chose the way of delivering all of us from this terrible eternal suffering which was by sacrificing himself on the Cross Then after much suffering and  by His death He made it possible for every human being to escape eternal death and acquire everlasting life. There is no other way to escape eternal death and suffering except through Jesus Christ. He did this out of His great love for man so how is it possible for us not love Him in return glorifying His suffering for our deliverance? How is it possible for us to ignore such great love and sacrifice?

     God is love and we have learned how to love through Him who is the source of love and who loves us first and foremost. We show our love for our own beloved ones here on earth, how can we not show our love to the all-good and all-merciful Lord Jesus Christ?  God is life and goodness so how can we not realize that all the goodness we experience in our lives comes from Him alone, God is merciful and forgives us our sins as soon as we turn to Him with sincere repentance. To live this life without knowing and loving God is the greatest of all tragedies.

     Sadly there is a self-centered selfishness which we harbor within us that fails to give thanks to the one who gives us life, gives us food and well being. This selfishness in men causes them to dismiss God as either non existant or just not worth the effort. Woe to them! It would have been better if they had never been born.

     Let us join the centurion Longinus and with him cry out: “Truly this was the Son of God. Let every day of our lives be filled with thanksgiving and relentless prayer to our most glorious Creator and God. Then in this world which quickly passes and comes to an unknowable end with our death. Let us love and cherish our Lord and thus enter into eternal life while we are still here  on earth, Then we will in a constant state of joy and delight in His extreme beauty and great mercy for ever and ever. Amen.

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