Saturday, July 23, 2016


“Judah and Israel have defiled the land, and
have committed adultery with stone and with wood.”
(Jer. 3:9)

     The adultery committed by Judah and Israel accomplished by using stone and wood is the  idolatry or worshiping of God by use of man made idols.  But before turning away from God in order to worship idols they first turned away from worshiping the true God the Creator of heaven and earth who is the only living God. Why is idolatry called adultery? Because they worshiped idols were first linked in love of the true and living God whom they abandoned in their adultery, for they indulged in the worship of man-made gods or idols made of stone and wood.

     Sadly today there is persistent adultery and the unfaithfulness persists and abounds among men, for the true God is either recognized and ignored or His very existence is denied.  Many of the reigning gods of today are man himself, followed by money and other material things.

     Idolatry of our days exalts man above God and the world, for man is now hailed as the greatest of all. There are many other forms of idolatry but man is the focus, for men are superiorly exalted with much knowledge which they have accumulated, yet they lack any knowledge of God.

     They cast the laws of God aside as useless and meaningless and the result is that this society kills its own babies, and impure and sodomic sins they now recognized as being marriage. Thus they greatly insult the nature of the sacramental institution of marriage established by God to be between one man and one woman. But this is the terrible sin of Sodom and Gomorah which God completely destroyed with the rain of fire and brimstone. The killing of infants and and of homoesexual marriage will be the cause of the great punishment. They also brazenly commit every form of adultery, nor do they believe or accept any of the divine laws, nor of their originator, who is the Lawmaker; they also ignore the dire consequences of their violation.

     In earlier times the idolaters formed their idols out of stone and wood and worshiped them offering worship as though they were gods. It didn.t bother them that there were many different gods among them, for they replaced true worship of God with false worship. What type of god is worshiped today in this country? Many do not make believe and form gods of stone and wood, but, among other things they proclaim that they recognize true God but fail to recognize His divine laws. 

     Although among men there is this lone voice loudly  crying out the warning– danger! For God is true to Himself and will severely punish all those who deny Him and who ignore His commandments, and by their actions they invite the greatest of evils upon themselves. To escape these evils men must turn from following the wayward ideas of other men and return to the living and true God, the God of Orthodoxy who will joyously embrace them upon their repentance accepting them as His own children as He saves them from the terrible evils which are scheduled to come. Those who respond will quickly feel the benefit of all those who choose to live under God’s authority for they will experience true happiness and the joy of the angels. 

     God’s reproach was very strong in days of old,  but today even after the appearance and divine teaching of the Son of God Jesus Christ, God’s reproach will be even more severe and much stronger, for after Christ’s coming and divine teaching man still continues in every form of fornication and adultery. These have spread over the entire earth and continues  increasing in darkness and few are those who respond and turn away. So we must all unite against the many who surround us, and devote our lives to the glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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