Tuesday, July 19, 2016

                       TRUSTS IN MAN                                                              

“Thus says the Lord; cursed be the man 
who trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, 
and whose heart departs from the Lord” 
(Jer. 17:5).       

     If a man turns away from God after placing all his trust in Him, as he turns away he will then place his trust in himself or in some other persons, for whom else can he go or to whom shall he turn? For when he fails to turn to God or turns away from him, he places himself in a very dangerous and hazardous position and he has few choices after abandoning his trust in the Lord.   He brings curses upon himself and confuses his stability and his whole purpose in life. So he turns to neighbors and friends who only lead him further astray from his goal into their own sickness. Previously he was under the protection of God’s benevolent care which he abandoned and he suffered a great loss.

     Faith in God and putting our trust in Him is one of the greatest blessings, but placing our trust in man separates us from God and leads us far astray. We ought to love the Lord our God, worship Him and keep all His commandments.  For when we lose our faith in God and only hope in ourselves or in some other men, we will be far away from our entire purpose in life.

     But why do we turn away from the Lord and fail to follow His commandments?  It is because the desires of our hearts are not firmly established in love for Him. Above it is written: “Cursed be the man . . . whose heart departs from the Lord.” It is the desire of our  hearts which diminishes resulting  in our turning from the Lord. We do not love Him completely with all our minds and hearts. There are only two ways to go  in this present life; we either love the Lord and follow Him or we submit to the world and its desires and follow after them. When we have chosen to follow the Lord we enter the good path and abandon all evil thoughts, desires and deeds.                     .   

     In Holy Scripture the Lord commands that we love the Lord our God with all our minds and hearts and with all our souls and this love will grow increasingly stronger. Let us not love anyone as much as we love God for in His love we also partake of His divinity which leads to the perfection of man.
For we are all images of God and with His grace will also become His likeness. The first man in the image and likeness of God is Jesus Christ and He is the perfect example of what we must become, as it is written: Let us create man in our own image and likeness.”

     There are many that reject the teaching of the Lord in Scriptures and fail to accept that we are created  to become like God. They go far away from their noble destination and become the opposite causing evil to dwell among men. They take on the nature of evil one and doing evil they become his image and are being led by him into eternal perdition. It is our most fervent desire that many will change their ways and become the image and likeness of God which is the most noble destination. 

     The man wh trusts in man is called cursed, but the man who trusts in God is indeed most blessed, for he spreads joy, exultation  and gladness throughout the world. Knowledge of God and of His plans for us is most valuable and brings joy to all heed His call to eternal life.

     Jesus Christ, being the first man in the image and likeness of God, by His own example of life and teaching shows us the way to salvation and everlasting life.  Blessed is he who puts His confidence and faith in the Lord and who spreads knowledge of salvation to all.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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