Wednesday, September 7, 2016


“The fool says in his heart; there is no God. 
They are corrupt and become abominable in their doings” 
(Ps. 13:1)

    We are all aware of our own existence however we do not ignore the existence of the rest of mankind who exists together with us. It would be rude to just ignore those around us as if they didn’t exist. How much more is it an insult to God to deny that He exists! For He created everything, the earth, the sun, light and darkness, air and water and everything else, all that was needed for His most important creature – man!   He did not only casually call us into existence but formed us with His own hands and breathed into us His own wonderful spirit which gave us His eternal life, intellectual powers, our feelings, and so much more!

    However there are many who heap great insults upon God, for they recognize their own existence,  and that of all creation, but foolishly deny the existence of the Creator and God of all. Thus they consider the Creator and God of all as a non-being. How does it affect a man to deny the existence of God?  Such a man cuts himself off from everything good and the evil one who knows that God exists, convinces him to deny what is  obvious to him. After cutting himself from the spirit of God, the evil spirit becomes his mentor and so he his thoughts and actions become evil/

    Scripture refers to the denier of God as being a fool, “the fool says in his heart; there is no God.” When a man. becomes a fool, he is also mindless and cannot think properly, but as expected the fool says only foolish things, therefore what he says is to be ignored as being empty words which are worthless.   No matter what their status in life, even if men exalt them as being wise, the fools remain as fools before God and logical thinking men.

    Some men who do not believe that God exists point out that they do many good works, but he who does not believe in God is unable to distinguish between good and evil. If we look closely at the good works done by unbelievers we will see that their works of necessity are corrupt, worthless and transitory being contrary to the will of the living God.    

    Scriptures says of such unbelievers, “they are corrupt and abominable in their doings.” When they think they are doing good it can be evil but they are unable to distinguish, for God is Truth and man has need of God to distinguish good and evil.

    There are others who acknowledge God with their lips but not with their heart and so they are ranked with unbelievers for you must not only have faith in God and believe but also you must love the Lord with all your heart, and if we are right before God then our entire life is right.

Evil thoughts come from the evil spirits and evil thoughts produce evil works and deeds. Lacking faith in the true and living God causes our whole life to become filled with confusion. God formed us in His own image and bestowed upon him every good thing that he possess for everything good comes from God.   We honor the Lord our God and glorify Him, for He is good and the Lover of man.

     Concerning the existence of God, we know that he formed man from out of the earth and gave him intellect, feelings and freedom to be able to decide and act.  He formed the sun with the correct distance and brightness doing everything for the sake of  man. He formed the stars by which man could navigate and the moon  made for the lesser light of night. He put food everywhere and taught man what he should eat. God took good care of man leaving nothing undone for man is the crowning glory  of God’s wonderful creation.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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