Monday, September 5, 2016


“One body and one Spirit” (Eph. 4:4).

     The Holy Orthodox Church is one Body has one Spirit but one Head which is Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul calls on the faithful to be united together as one body and one spirit. The oneness and unity is found among those having pure unadulterated faith without division or heresies and who are not self-willed.
The conditions of ‘one body and one spirit’ are only possible to those who believe everything the Church taught correctly. That is why those who embrace the heresy of ecumenism cannot be one with the rest of the Church, for ecumenism does not seek to unite those outside to enter the  Church through the door of baptism by three immersions. 

     Scripture warns: “A man who is a heretic, rebuke him once or twice and then have nothing more to do with him.” We can rebuke them with love but but we must never falsely address them with names such as “churches” and Chistians, or Christian brothers. Ecumenism opens dialogues with heretics, calling them Christian churches and brothers in Christ. But this cannot be done for it is falsehood and violates Orthodoxy’s exclusiveness as the one and only true Church.

     The papacy calls itself the only true Church and many Orthodox Christians believe this falsehood,
For the Pope exalted himself and broke from the Church, then preached for these hundreds of years, that the Pope must be obeyed, that the Pope has infallibility, and that salvation of man is found in believers of these falsehoods. We could make a long list of the Papacy’s innovations, any one which would cause them to be outside the Church, which we have done before, but will publish it again.

     We will mention one thing only. One day the papal crusaders were attacking the Holy Mount Athos, and at this time an elderly monk was in a wooded area singing an akathist before the icon of the Theotokos. Suddenly She began to talk from out of her icon and said to the monk: “Mine and my Son’s enemies are coming leave from this place and go back to the monastery.” The Crusaders attacked in the name of the Pope of Rome, warming that is the Orthodox didn’t change and join up with the Pope, they would be killed. Eventually many Orthodox were killed producing many martyrs, killed by water and fire and the sword. The important ingredient in this article is that the Virgin Mary, our Theotokos, referred to the Roman Catholics as “mine and my Son’s enemies”. The Virgin’s words are honorable and are accepted by Faithful Orthodox Christians, but probably not by those who seek union instead of conversion and baptism of these heretics and then bring them into the real Church – Orthodoxy!

     The members of the Church  always constitute the one Body, but they also need to be established in one mind and one spirit The Church must be strive to always be united in love and peace, which is what one spirit accomplishes. The strength and power of genuine Orthodox spirit and love is the greatest power in the world, and brings salvation to many. The many church members become united as one man. The love and power found in our unity is the same love and power found in the Church for the last two millenia.

     So we must take a keen interest in all activity and communication in the Church striving to preserve  everything that is holy and true. It is the duty of every Orthodox Christian to take part in this preservation by rejecting innivations and heresies from creeping into the holy Church. Being one in Body, we must strive to becoming one also in spirit. 


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