Thursday, September 29, 2016


“ In the world you shall have tribulation, 
but be of good cheer; 
I have overcome the world” (John 26:33).

     There is one who has created all that exists and who has established victory by defeating and conquering the devil, who was the evil ruler of the world of men. He is Jesus Christ the Godman who has conquered the deceiver, who had made himself evil ruler of the world. But Jesus Christ proclaimed His victory, for He is the undefeated and almighty God who created and controls everything. There should never be any fear in the hearts of the followers of our God and Savior Jesus Christ who created, established and  dominates the entire world of men. His battle and victory was done because of His great love for man. The world appears to the most faithless ones to be stronger than themselves, but the world is relatively weak and feeble under the dominion and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ,
     The physical world is seen at times as being ferocious and terrible to those who choose not to recognize and worship the true God who created them amd they ignore their Master and Creator. They reject without taking into account all that He has done for us. They reject the Virgin birth, the preaching of the Gospel, the countless miracles, the passion, the Cross, and death followed by His most glorious  resurrection. With overflowing evidence of the truth the opposers still choose to accept only their own wild speculation.

     They suffer from many storms, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and frequent and destructive fires and they reject God as being the Creator and Cause. But they fabricated a god whom they called  Mother Nature, who is mindless and  incommunicative and non existent. Truth is that their god is inferior to those men who worship her for God through His spirit has given all men intellect and feelings which are not an attribute of mindless  mother nature. Yet they assert that blind mother nature is the source of all the evils which they suffer, andof the good things which they enjoy.  They refuse to accept the real and eternal Source who is the true God who created heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible. Not too many years ago. when men even a small bit of faith were less impious, a terrible earthquake would cause them to repent  confessing their sins before the God in heaven “who looks at the earth and it trembles.”

    What they cannot understand in their folly is that creation could not possibly have created itself, for without its Creator, nothing created can possibly exist without the intelligence and power of God. And God alone will decide if and when this creation is no longer needed in His plan, and if so He will decide whether to return it to non-being. 
     The physical world with its many insecurities may seem very powerful to many faithless ones  causing countless dangers, injuries and deaths. But we recognize the fact that it is totally under the dominion and control of its only Master and Creator. Compared to Christ the world is very weak and has no power that does not come from His decision and will. So tribulation and numerous miseries plague many unbelievers who refuse to turn to God and escape the  tribulation, but more important to escape eternal condemnation.

      When our Lord says: “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”, He is speaking of the world of men and angels who from the beginning many of them rejected God and chose to live in sin being obedient to their malignant master the devil.  As their leader he advised them to ignore God’s command and enjoy the attractive forbidden fruit, and the result was terrible sin entered creation. Christ defeated the evil one through His Passion and death on the Cross followed by His glorious Resurrection. Christ tells us: “Be of good cheer: for the evil one has been dominating over you and is now he is left powerless before me, and he knows that his days are numbered and his power is has been transformed into weakness.

     Be of good cheer for by faith your eyes are now wide open and you clearly see me as your God and Creator and Savior, for by the same faith many will come unto me and be saved from eternal condemnation. Believing in me you shall keep all of my commandments which will place you firmly on the path to everlasting life. “Be of good cheer” for you ill have my firm support all through your life, so remain for I traveled that road which is now ready for you.  “Take up your cross daily and be crucified” to all evil thoughts, words and deeds. I will also feed you with eternal food, which is my own body and blood, which I shed for the whole world in order to save you and bring many to perfection and glory.  Come to me in fear, faith and love, with sincere repentance avoiding everything that is evil.

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