Saturday, October 1, 2016


“Who is this who forgives sins?” (Luke 7:49)

     “Who is this who forgives sins?”  This was asked by unrepentant sinners, for the sinners didn’t ask, instead they realized that He was good and thus confessed their sins. Who is this that forgives sins? It is the only one able to forgive sins; it is the Lord Jesus Christ for all human sins falls upon Him like a blow. Generations ago He created and rejoiced with the sinless man in Paradise, whom He had created in His own image, and now he is to about receive blows on his account due to that original  and destructive sin.     

    Jesus Christ the Son of God, is eternally sinless and came into the world to save His precious creatures. Also Jesus alone can take revenge and He alone can forgive men their sins. There is no anger in the Lord hence alone He can requite or forgive.  He is also perfectly just and can give every person what he deserves, or have mercy upon them by forgiveness. But those who fail to repent and believe in Him will get what they deserve.

     He forgives repentant sinners out of His mercy. This forgiveness opens the eyes of the blind, restore hearing to the deaf, let the  lame and crooked walk straight, and those who were plagued with flow of blood were quickly relieved. Those with a foolish spirit have become wise, those possessed with demons were relieved when they were cast out, and cold dead men are returned to warmth and life. The all powerful Lord fed the hungry, gave the thirsty to drink, and taught all men what He expected from them if they wished to be saved and enter His holy kingdom.

     Nothing darkens man more than pernicious sin which is undesirable and unnatural and was acquired through man’s disobedience to God’s command to fast from a tree, and man instead accepted the  advice of the devil and chose to his will and disobey God. God who is good and kind did not create sin but made man sinless, but he warned him of his potential greatness before all creation and that he avoid the slimy path of the sin of disobedience. He also didn’t threaten Adam the first man but firmly warned him that if he   ate of the forbidden tree he would die. God gave His eternal life to us by breathing His spirit into Adam, thus death does not belong to man but was caused by his disobedience.

     After Adam and Eve sinned they bore two children, named Cain and Abel, whom they taught to offer sacrifices to God. Abel offered his best and Cain’s offer was inferior, resulting in Cane becoming bitter in envy he slayed his brother thus introduced brotherly murder into the world.  Then as the race of man increased, sin was a choice they could choose, and while Abel chose good Cain chose evil and, even after bwing warned by God, he killed his own brother.

     From the beginning God had a plan to save and correct men so the devil’s plan will certainly be  thwarted. Many like Abel chose the good that God had offered and rejected the will of the evil one. His Logos would be incarnated from the Virgin Mary and at the Annunciation He came into her sacred womb. Nine moths later He was born and marking this we celebrate Christmas, the Birth of Christ. He grew to adulthood and there never was and never will be a most beautiful and gracious man whose divinity was masked by His humanity, but shone through in many ways. By His example and teaching He taught us what  we are and what we must become, saying for example: “Be holy for I am holy;” “Be perfect as your Father in heaven;”  “If you love me, keep my commandments.” His original plan was to form man in His image and to become perfect as God’s own image and likeness, His teaching was the way to bring this to fruition, and he prepared food and drink for this enormous task giving man all the help he needed.

     Sin is attractive to the flesh but we have been given a spirit of God within us and the spirit will strongly support us if we make war against all our sinful inclinations; we must despise and avoid all evil then do only the will of God. Life is short and goes by quickly so there is no time to waste. Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be too late. If the task seems to be too great, starting ,only starting, will be rewarded, for it is the decision that is most necessary. We must choose life instead of death, eternal life instead of eternal death!

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