Monday, November 7, 2016


Ongoing, started around 1920 with encyclical of the   Patriarch of Constantinople

It is entitled:
 “To the churches of Christ everywhere.”

     The early 1920's was a period when the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople adopted and changed to the papal calendar now beig used in western countries. This helped to spawn the ecumenical movement, one of the worst heresies that ever attacked the Church, for they proclaim that all heretical churches together constitute the whole Church, and sadly the Orthodox who accept them, in doing so, reject their own salvation, for they accept falsehood as being truth.

   The encyclical begins and is based upon a falsehood, saying: “The church holds that raproachment and fellowship between the various Christian churches is  not excluded by doctrinal differences,”  First, the Church has never called those outside gathered into groups “churches” for she is aware that she is the one and only Church. Raproachment can never been the position of the Church, because the Church functions by using her sacred truths to refute any falsehoods and correct the lack of purity and truth usually found in heretical groups. If any of them abandon their heresy and approach and accept Orthodoxy, they are then catechized and baptized by the one and only baptism of three immersion and they become members of the Orthodox Church. There are many doctrinal differences in all these outside groups like not following the Orthodox Creed which they contradict by their spurious claims to be the church. We believe in the sacred Creed which proclaims: “I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church and in one baptism for remission of sins . . . ”  They continually present false churches, which spreads their heresies which they claim to be true doctrine.

     Speaking of ill-conceived Orthodox attempts to unite they write: “the difficulties which have so often jeopordized  our attempts at reunion in the past.” This just never happened because attempts for union have never been made by the Church. The Church simply requires camdidates to abandon errror and accept truth and before they are baptized.  

    Another erroneous statement in the encyclical, shows their real mindset when they address  the true Orthodox Church as being just another “sister church” (a new term they invented)  and such a thing is impossible for there can never be multiple churches when there is “one holy catholic and apostolic Church.” They changed and speak of the church in the plural calling them sister churches, but this assertion denies the Orthodox Church as the only true Church.

     Their intent is to corrupt the idea of the true church and the recognition of false churches as a church. This is the whole ideal of ecumenism, the new “one” church is formed by smoke and mirrors! They say: “They should no more consider one another as strangers and foreigners, but as relatives and as being a part of the household of Christ and “fellow heirs, members of the same body and partakers of the promise of God in Christ” (Eph. 3:6). The Patriarchate herein establishes that it doesn’t matter what they believe (all heretical Christian churches) for they are all “relatives and part of the household of Christ, “fellow heirs and members of the same body and partakers of the promise of God in Christ.”

     There definitely exists the one holy catholic and apostolic Church. The encyclical’s doctrine denies this fact and establshes that all Christians functioning outside the church are part of the Church. This is impossible and in fact constitutes a declaration of war against the Orthodox Church. 

     The encyclical travels deeper into the mire of error, saying: “Such a sincere and close contact between the churches will be all the more  useful and profitable for the whole body of the Church.” So they clearly establish that the Orthodox is just a portion of a much larger view of the church which they imagine and it takes in all wrong believers and heretics.

     It clearly seeks to tear down the Orthodox Church by confusing it in with all heresies. It also causes the loss of countless souls of those outside the Church who are not encouraged but instead are discouraged from leaving their errors and entering the true and saving Church, headed by Christ and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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