Saturday, November 12, 2016



     In this paragraph, which is authored by Greek Orthodox leaders show that their betrayal has now reached completion and they proclaim that union has already taken place in this paragraph. For it reads at the beginning: “prepared by Orthodox members of the official North American Orthodox Roman Catholic Consultation”

The Term “Sister Churches”
     In this deceptive article is the following paragraph written by the leaders, entitled: “In What Ways Are The Two Churches Sister Churches?”  This is their reply:  “The use of the venerable term (“sister churches) in modern Orthodox Catholic dialogue has helped to place relations between our churches on a new footing. (Note: the term “sister churches” identifies them as equal). It is based on the common and shared thousand years experienced reality together. The concept of sister churches includes the notion of mutual respect for each other’s pastoral ministry. As the Balamand Document states: “Bishops and Priests have the duty before God to respect the authority which the Holy Spirit has given to the Bishops and Priests of the other church and for that reason to avoid interfering in the faithful of that church . . .”  Bishops are responsible not simply for the pastoral care of their own faithful but also for the good estate and upbuilding of the whole Church and for the evangelization of the world.”

     As can clearly be seen the term “another church”  means those who are outside the church who are not another church, for there can be no church outside the Church but only falsehood, deception and heresy.

     Formerly the non-Orthodox church and the leaders of the true Orthodox Church were apart and separated now the Orthodox leaders have gathered together, completing their attempts at betrayal. With these declarations the Orthodox leaders have not just joined the heretics together , but even worse, they have blotted out Orthodoxy’s absolute perfection and its position as the one true Orthodox Church.  By this action they have removed themselves from the Orthodox Church and in doing so have also abandoned all hope of salvation. They have lost their true faith and are dangerous to all, for they can be the cause of many additional people to lose their faith and sorrowfully they this loss of faith is the cause of the loss of everlasting life.                                  

    They write: “The concept of sister churches includes the notion of mutual respect for each other’s pastoral ministry.”  Mutual respect for each other means equality before God and man, but although they claim this, the non-Orthodox can never possibly be equal to the Orthodox except in the imagination of the betraying hierarchs. We must reject their insanity and remain loyal to the holy Orthodox Church unto the end of our lives! 

     When we find any literature supporting these betrayers, it would be best for us to take it out of circulation and destroy it  for they are malicious documents able to deceive many, and it is our sacred duty to protect everyone from any such evil.

      It is obvious that the faithful are sleeping and their attention is not concerning the evils that today are being heaped upon Orthodoxy by the very leaders who are being paid good money even though they are betraying the Church. The Church would be safer if the leaders didn’t lead as they are leading people astray.

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