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(Orthodox Observer July 7, 1994)

     During many lifetimes in the Greek Orthodox Church, there are only a few who realize the major events taking place in the Church, during the last and present century in which the Church is going through outright betrayal by our own Orthodox hierarchs.

     Jesus Christ is the Truth who descended from heaven in order to teach and preach truth and to save the human race by His sacrifice on the Cross. The divine  truth is and always will be attacked by Satan. A few years ago, the Pope invited the Patriarch to common prayer which he  accepted and they prayed. But who does the Pope represent and how did he get to operate his own personal and one-man ruled organization?

     For a thousand years the church of Rome, which was headed by various bishops was the western part of  the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Eventually leaders being filled with arrogance  broke away from the Church and gradually changed their “church” into something quite different than being a branch of the true Church. They made many changes concerning which we will deal with but a few.

     Contrary to Christ’s command that we be humble minded (Christ taught us to: “Learn of me for I am meek and humble in my heart:”) and not exalted. He chose not a single man named Peter, but chose twelve men who became His disciples and later the twelve Apostles who preached the holy Gospel. There was never ONE MAN RULE, which is the governing law of the Roman Catholic church. When Christ sent His Apostles, He addressed  all twelve sending them to preach the Gospel, as is recorded in the Bible, in the Book of Acts. This is what the fallen church of Rome understood during its first thousand years. But the spirit of arrogance had penetrated the church of Rome and successfully filled them with arrogance, and they desired and eventually seized absolute authority over the faithful. They must receive all their beliefs from the Pope and not from Jesus Christ

     None of the papists will deny that they were in the Church for a thousand years, but will make a newly introduced false claim that they are the true Church and the Orthodox (Greeks) have broken away, thereby accusing us of their own sin.

     But the Pope can be shown to be a great fraud by his very existence. The thousand-year history cannot be a fabricated lie and the facts herein are supported by early church history especially the beginning. This is clearly recorded in the Book  Acts of the Apostles. Perusing this book will show that no one individual, especially Peter, was in charge as the Papacy asserts so as to justify their infallible leader. They also fail to baptize as Christ commanded with three immersions completely under water as the Orthodox Church always did and continues to do. 

      Christ is the only one in the Church who has pre-eminence for He is our Lord and God. The popes have usurped the position and authority of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For they claim to be teachers and guides of their followers. As Scripture declares the Church has a single Head, Jesus Christ and Christ left us with a single Guide, the Holy Spirit. The Acts of the Apostle bears this out and shows no special authority invested in Peter or anyone else. In fact, the Bible shows that St. Paul rebuked St. Peter, where then was Peter’s authority and  superiority? The Popes having seized all authority and invested it in themselves then led the people far astray. If you ask most Roman Catholics who is the head of your Church, they will not identify Jesus Christ but will say, Pope of Rome, Nor do they start all prayers with the appeal to the Guide of the Church sent by Christ, the Holy Spirit as do the Orthodox. Our services begin with this prayer to our Guide who is God himself. “Heavenly King and Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who are everywhere present and fills all things: treasury of good things and bountiful Giver of life: come and abide in us, cleanse us from every impurity and save our souls O Good One.”

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