Friday, November 18, 2016


     The thrusts of Orthodox leaders, who repeatedly kiss and embrace as brother, the Pope of Rome together with other members of the Papacy, somehow forget that we are the Orthodox Church with its divine identity as the divine and human Body of Christ who is its only Head, and Orthodoxy is our precious and holy treasure to be guarded by all lovers of truth.  Present day Orthodox leaders, with little resistance from the faithful, embrace and kiss the popes of Rome greeting them with the absurdity that they are our equal brothers in the faith. But nothing can be further from the truth, and the Papacy should not be embraced by any Orthodox Christian.  Concerning the Papacy or Roman Catholicism, Dostoevsky says that it is even worse than atheism which preaches a belief in nothing. The Papacy preaches a distortion of Christ, teaching and practicing things directly opposed to His  teaching. As for those who seek unity with the Papacy would be to completely deny and abandon the true and Orthodox Faith. Nor can the Papacy join us and give up the idol that it worships who sits in majesty upon his throne in Rome.

     Orthodox faithful need to become vigilant and oppose the disaster to which leaders are foolishly seek to take them. Alexei Khomyakov clearly shows that the papacy is utterly defied by lies and depends on general ignorance of people in order to exist. There is no doubt that the Papacy has left the true Faith with they claim that they are the only true Church in which there is salvation .

     History does not disappear but remains as a testimony to the past, and this clearly shows that once the Latins or Papacy adopted the false teaching that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son which being false is a heresy. They even went so far as to unlawfully take from us the name “Catholic Church,” which  confuses many people.  Truth remains truth and the truth that we are the one, holy, catholic and apostolic and orthodox Church remains as our constant confession and we know it is absolutely true.

     The Papacy had acquired a taste for earthy power and acquired it, and it basks in its absolute authority with its insane claim to infallibility! This means they do not seek and find and understand the truth themselves, for they believe that it will come from a man called the Pope. who sits on his throne and declares it. This is false and foolish for the Lord did not set up any superman, over His disciples. as infallible head of His Church, certainly not Peter for their claim of gaining Peter’s authority is empty because he had none and was even rebuked by St. Paul for error. Earthly power cannot acquire much but the Holy Church is filled with divine power and authority. Miracles are frequent and uplifting for all the faithful. Paralyzed are made whole, blind receive their sight, deaf and mute are cured and the dead are raised. Most of all is the divine bread and wine which are constantly being transformed into Christ.

One of the heresies adopted by the fallen of the Papacy is the false teaching that the Theotokos Mary was conceived without sin which is an impossibility. For though she never committed any sin for her conception was normal from Joachim and Anna, Only Jesus Christ was born without sin as we all believe and know, and we address Him as the :only sinless one.”

     There can be no union with the Pope in the Orthodox Church, He would have to remain As he is, head of the church and infallible and we would have to consider him before Christ as the as the source of all dogma and doctrine. This makes him be considered more important than Christ himself and we would have to believe not in Christ but in the Pope and his infallibility. For if a new dogma is brought to light, only the Pope’s infallible ability can discern according to the doctrine of the Papacy. But although we can become the image and likeness of God, we cannot be equal with God in all things, for complete perfection belongs only to God who is perfect by nature and is beyond our understanding. 

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