Tuesday, November 22, 2016


     The Orthodox Church has preserved the complete Orthodox Faith pure and unchanged from the ages and thus she alone remains the true Church of Christ. Because she does not change and preserves the truth intact she is always under attack by her enemies, many from rulers from within who seek to change and corrupt her truths.Among these is the present Patriarch Bartholomew. 

Here is a betrayal by Patriarch Bartholomew:

|      "Our aims are the same as John's (Pope John XXIII): to update the Church and promote Christian unity. . . the Council will also signify the opening of the Orthodox Church to non-Christian religions, to humanity as a whole. This means a new attitude toward Islam, toward Buddhism, toward contemporary culture, toward aspirations for brotherhood free from racial discrimination... in other words, it will mark the end of twelve centuries of isolation of the Orthodox Church."

1. Bartholomew promises to follow Pope John XXIII.
(John takes the place of Christ as head)
2 The Pope desires to rule over Orthodoxy.
3. He will updatethe Church, that is, change it.
4. An ecumenist he wamts the unity of all Christians.
5. He opens the Church to non-Christians.
6. He gives recognition to Islam.
7. To gives recognition to  Buddhism.
8. He gives recognition to contemporary culture,  
9. He desires a universal brotherhood  
10. He is against racial discrimination.
11. He will end 12 centuries of  Orthodox
Tradition calling it isolation

     He planned these drastic changes  before he became Patriarch and has started putting them into effect. If he succeeds Greek Orthodoxy will lose its unique position of being unchanged.

   On January 21, 1977, the National Catholic Reporter (Roman Catholic) published an interview with the new Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who was at that time secretary to the late Patriarch Demetrios. This is the source of the quotations within. In that interview, conducted in the Phanar in Constantinople, the Patriarch sets forth his vision of the future of the Greek Orthodox Church.

    Pinning his hopes on an eighth ecumenical council, Bartholomew told his interviewer that the Orthodox Church feels the need for renovation . . .  For instance, the prescription of 40 days fast before Pascha (Easter) and Christmas is scarcely feasible today outside of monasteries.  Poor excuse! Fasting is mandatory but it is also a personal choice made by individuals,   it is never enforced upon anyone.

     In his search for innovation and more accessible ways for Orthodox believers to live their faith, Bartholomew compares himself to Pope John XXIII: Our aims are like John’s: to update the Church and promote Christian unity. (In Orthodoxy, unity is never desirable Behold the new Patriarchas he openly calls for renovation and change. He hopes to abolish fasting, which most people do mot keep. Esconced in his Phanar, he fancies himself as the pope of Orthodox Church and as the point of reference for the whole Orthodox community.

   Bartholomew sees his Church as emerging from 12 dark centuries of isolation, a backward institution beset by ecclesiastical egotism but now ready to strengthen her ties with other Christians. Bartholomew says; by the grace if God, all Orthodox Churches now favor ecumenism.

May the Lord protect His Church from this abominable assault.

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