Friday, November 25, 2016


Which Does Not Flourish In The Orthodox Church

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, while visiting Syria addressed the media and was asked what he though about religious fanaticism which he  denounced as detrimental to the cause of world peace., calling it an major obstacle to world peace. The Patriarch remarked that it was the job of religious leaders to steer their people away from fanatical ideas. He said: “Religious fanaticism is the worst kind of fanaticisms in the world. We as spiritual leaders can instruct and teach our faithful to avoid spiritual fanaticism. This is the first and most important step towards success in the efforts of peace.

     The Patriarch also called for cooperation among world religious leaders saying: “We have to coordinate all the various spiritual powers   . . .  to promote unity among divided Christians and all other religions in order to create a better situation in the 21st century. His viewpoint was expressed at a time when the world was seeking for peace seems to be right on target, but for the patriarch it is really his betrayal as a spiritual leader of the  Orthodox Church which by preaching truth never falls into fanaticism.

     The editor’s opinion is that fanaticism is never derived from the true faith but usually arises among schisms and heresies which have separated from the Church, because the true faith can never be fanatic as it is filled with truth and peace. Fanaticism cannot stand against truth but flourishes where there is falsehood. Fanaticism is a mixture of truth and falsehood and occurs in false religions. They lack the power of truth and the grace of the Holy Spirit. Many of them, lacking the power that is in truth become fanatic and converts souls by forceful persuasion and in some cases even threats of death.

   The Patriarch calls for the cooperation of the world’s religious leaders to promote unity among divided Christians and this is erroneous. For the Patriarch is not performing his most noble task, spreading the truths of Orthodoxy. He is a chief representative of the true faith which alone holds the solution to all the troubles of the world, especially in their search for permanent world peace.
His call should not be for impossible and useless task to unite divided Christians, but the Church  seeks preach that everyone outside the Church abandon their false teachings and come to come the Orthodox Church,  be baptized in three immersions, then they will find the treasures of truth, peace and eternal life.

     The Patriarch says: “We must promote unity among divided Christians and all religions.”  Orthodox will never be part of any union with other churches who all contain a mixture of truth and falsehood. True Orthodoxy never seeks union with other sects, for she is complete and has been the true Church of God, united to Christ who is her Head, The Church welcomes to triune baptism all those who convert from falsehood to truth which found complete and preserved in the holy Orthodox Church.

     There can be no fanaticism among Orthodox Christians for truth is not mixed with falsehood. Jesus Christ, who is our Head will always preserve His true Church which is His Body, and for this reason the Orthodox Church will survive never be destroyed.

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