Saturday, November 26, 2016


     When we examine creation  we can see that  there is no one superior to man. For example only man can read  and write and understand things that are spoken or  written, There is no creature who is superior to man. This function of understanding and communication known as intellect and it is not matter but is bestowed upon us by the Creator for a purpose/ Man also has feelings of love for good  and hatred for the evil which is known as affection. Man also has freedom of will to choose as he decides what is good or evil. These faculties are not found in other creatures but are given to man for a specific purpose. It is supremely important to understand what man’s purpose for existence is, because in Holy Scripture God offers man promises of good things and warns everyone with  threats, urging him to accept only what is good and reject all that is evil. He also defines what is good and what is evil so that man can freely make good choices that are beneficial thus avoiding all harm from every form of evil.

     Man being endowed with intellect, affection and free will, can never learn his purpose  from various ideas for he has received a spark of divinity which was breathed into him and which elevates him above everything to his wonderful status as the image of God,. Man cannot learn about himself from the of opinions of men, but he needs to be taught of God if he desires to know why he was created so noble and endowed with these wonderful faculties. God teaches the truth, that man comes from the earth but is very special, 

     God’s plan for man who is His image is that he should become like God in both His image and likeness, and so He said: “Let us create man in our own image and according to our likeness.”  We see that man is the image of God  with the potential of progress and become His likeness as well,  What greater plan can be conceived by the gracious and loving God? But evil exists and there is no evil in God.  But it has a purpose. God gave man freedom to accept or reject God’s plans for him, so God made laws with both reward and punishment, man therefore is free free to choose.

     Lucifer was an archangel who, made improper use of his freedom and wickedly rebelled against God imagining that he was just like Him. He saw that God treated man especially precious, and he, gathering other fallen angels who chose to follow him went  against God’s new creature. God did not destroy Lucifer, who is also known as the Devil for He had a use for him. Satan and the Dragon, because wih his evil deeds would unknowingly be instrumental in God’s purpose. For his evil ideas are aimed at  both angels and men, who would develop and increase their freedom by faith and love for God, thus using their freedom as God had planned. God is love and man partakes of His love, especially when he understands the immensity of God’s love for man.

     What is man? He is a free-willed creature who needs to use his freedom by accepting and following the law of God, getting to know God and to love Him because He is good and the only lover of man. For this reason Christ ordered man to become holy as He is holy and to become perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. God, according to His plan, did not hesitate to  send His Logos and Son to become man and so fulfill His perfect plan to redeem and save those who went astray yet willingly hearkened unto His words, and He will bring them into His eternal and glorious kingdom, where there is no pain or sorrow but life everlasting. Just the effort and struggle to obey God fills man’s soul with happiness and joy and so there is an immediate reward in this present life but eternal joy and glory in the kingdom is man’s reward.

     The present life of man is extremely temporary for the years fly by rapidly, but eternity is not billions or trillions of years but is endless. Those who awaken and realize that this is truth and change to the saving way of life will live eternally, but those who ignore it and live only for the flesh and the so called good times will regret it and will suffer eternally.

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