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 Some scientists, dealing with the human brain, whether they believe in God or not, are gradually leading humanity to total chaos and disaster by promoting the myth that the human brain is the source of all of man’s decisions and  actions including his consciousness.  Denying that man has an immortal soul, and is responsible for all that he does, they attribute the immaterial soul’s activity to the material brain. Why is this a slippery slope?  Because they are stripping man of his God-given freedom, his necessary morality and his neglected conscience.  Failing to realize their error, they also fail to realize where their unscientific ideas are leading society.  

Lacking faith in the truths from God, they fabricate myths  that “scientifically”  establish that man is just like any  animal or beast. Fascinated with the complexity of the brain, they constantly invent new “facts” as they go along, with unscientific explanations, which requires us to place our faith in them. They show no proofs  of their various assumptions and illogical theories regarding the brain.

   Indeed the brain does play an important part in human lives, but what scientists fail to realize is that the human soul is in charge and directs the brain. When we say I, it indicates the person or soul  certainly not the brain. My brain, like my body, is something else than me.  The brain governs to some degree certain functions of the body, but when driving an automobile, though my brain is in use I am driving the car. I make the decisions and not my brain. I decide to speed up or slow down, to break a traffic rule or not, I am making many decisions, for which I am held responsible by the license granted to me, and if I break the law, I am ticketed or arrested for infractions and I pay any fines. If I choose to get drunk and drive, I can cause mayhem or death, not my brain. If it is my material brain that is doing everything, then put my brain in jail, and not me.

   When I decide to raise my arm, the thought from my soul,  sends a signal to my brain and my arm raises. If my arm is paralyzed, my thoughts still go to my brain but my arm does not move.  If I choose to eat, I automatically direct my body to eat, chew and swallow, and I decide when to stop eating.  Although my brain is good at certain tasks,  I am the one in charge and the source of responsibility, and I control everything that I choose to do, not my brain for it is matter and lacks understanding.

   In robbing man of the God-given freedom of his soul,  his morality and conscience, attributing everything to the material brain, we can already surmise the future. For the more they convince everyone of these unscientific  ideas, the quicker disaster will come.  For they have established by their claims,  that the material brain is the source of thoughts, ideas, morality, and feelings. Then they have to admit that the material  brain is not “free”, but is “wired” and more like a computer, in fact they use this term.  If they are correct, on what basis will society accuse anyone of a crime and lock them up. Has any one ever sentenced a computer to jail?  It is not his fault; it’s the brain, which is like a computer!  Lawyers will make big money as never before, getting all the poor unjustly treated criminals out of prison, for they are not to blame for what their material brain does. Legislators will be compelled to stop making laws and will be compelled to abolish existing  laws, including traffic laws, for how can you legislate and apply laws with penalties to brains which are not free being  made of matter? I am certainly not responsible for my brain.  So if my brain is the cause of everything, why blame me?  If I am not free how can you justly discriminate against me and punish me? And taxes? If my brain decides to cheat and pay no taxes, it is not possible for you to blame me for my brain’s mindless actions.
 Orthodox Christian science establishes that man is not matter alone, but is also spirit, and spirit which is immaterial is derived only from God, who is a spirit. Science establishes that all matter occupies space, has dimensions and weight, such as the brain. Let us ask these scientists to measure if they can measure dimensions or weight of an idea, a thought, a prayer, morality, conscience, or a feeling, for these are spiritual entities.

 God is not matter but spirit, and is everywhere present and fills everything. He is not the  god which the West conceive,  for He is good and compassionate and is the Lover of man. He is filled with mercy and pity for His creatures.  He created man in his own image, with the potential to become also His own likeness.  

   Science treats man like another animal, but our true God whom we worship in the true Faith,  exalts and raises man to heights of glory and honor.  He is called to become like God, to know all things, to be holy, to be able to do all things, and to live forever.  Man is called by God to come to the  Orthodox Church, wherein he can meet his true destination, and not blame his brain for sins, but blame  himself and then repent and rid himself of all sins. This will render man to become eternal like God. Therein he will find peace and love, happiness and hope that will never die.  For an enlightened mind, a pure body and soul with a heart that loves God and everything that is good, are the greatest of human treasures.

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