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    David says in the Book of Psalms: "O Lord how wonderfully am I made." If we look at the body of man, or woman, we see the most delicate tissues which form the eyes, which are utterly useless if there were no light, and of no use, if there were not objects to see. The hardened material of the light and heavy bones which form our skeletal system are a marvel to behold! Joined neatly together they provide man with the rigidity and flexibility he needs, to keep his body upright and able to function. We see the perfect structure of the ears, able to hear whispers and loud noises, contributing to man’s balance as well. The steadily beating heart has input and output, arteries and veins, the lungs oxygenize the blood and the clotting of the blood is another wonder. even the very tiny veins that are throughout our bodies are another wonder.
     The food and drink, which satisfy our needs, and transforms into our body and blood and provides us with strength and vigor, while waste is eliminated. The kidneys, the muscular system, hearing, smelling, talking, chewing, swallowing, touching and all functions testify to the great wisdom of our Creator.

The flexibility of the hands and dexterity of the finger, with hardened finger nails are so well organized. Circulatory system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, digestive system, breathing system, man is a complete factory from raw material to finished product, from the nothingness of matter to deification – what a wonderful transition!
"O Lord how wonderfully am I made."

     Woman’s bodies are so important and so wonderfully made that this would have to be a subject by itself as it would take pages to describe.

     Also, of greater wonder and importance are our souls, and these contain much greater things than the body, for the soul of man is astonishing to behold and see its functions.

     The fluid in our inner ears together with our ten toes below, form a wonderful well-engineered perfect system of balance, even for a tight rope walker high above the ground, or a mountain climber high up on a precipice! The same is true of our hands with their strength and flexibility, our arms and shoulders all testify to the wonder that is man. Continual breathing, continual heartbeats, continual blood circulation for 24/7 are mind-boggling. Our knees are an engineering astonishment. Knees are shock absorbers, very flexible for kneeling down and rigid for standing upright; knees are superbly made.

     We enjoy consciousness and wakefulness, and sleep to give us rest when weary, and this sleep and rest refreshes us for another day. Trees abound for building shelter, and for fire to cook and keep us warm, stones for the construction of many things, including walls. Fruit trees provide much nourishment. Iron ore found in the ground, man turns into vehicles, bridges and buildings. Wheat grows in the field, as do rice, corn, fruits and vegetables galore, causing us to give thanks to our Creator and God, who created all. It is God who created even the tiniest thing from nothing, and He and arranged our bodies so perfectly. The enduring sun, without which all life would cease, the moon which causes the tides which cleanse the earth, the perfect climate of earth for us human beings, along with rivers, lakes for water, oceans teeming with fish, animals to both work for us and become our food for sustenance. All these things were created with perfect wisdom. "O Lord how wonderfully am I made." "Lord, how wonderful are your works! In wisdom you have made them all!"

     The Season of Spring resurrects apparently dead vegetation back to life, as everything sprouts anew. Leaves form on trees and bushes, flowers burst into bloom , colorful and sweet-smelling. Fruit trees blossom and their blossoms turn into fruit, caterpillars become butterflies, while bats eat mosquitoes and other insects! Birds lay their eggs constantly singing praise to their Creator. Bees Are busy pollinating everything. Throughout the world, sheep and goats give their wool, and even themselves to man, for food and clothing. Cattle eat and produce for man. It is man who rules over everything according to God’s command to "fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the seas, and over flying creatures, and over the cattle of all the earth, and all the reptiles that creep on the earth."

     A terrible error is the groundless assertion that man is only a material body, or that the material brain produces spiritual thoughts and ideas! Man’s body is not "me". "me" means the soul, as saying, my body, means the soul, the brain being just a part of the body. The soul of man is always identified with a name, John, Nicholas, etc. In referring to any part of Nicholas, we say, his body, his arm, his brain. Through the decisions of his soul, his body serves his will. Erroneously some say that the human brain (which is matter) is the source of thinking, remembering, deciding, ideation, etc. This is not true for the brain is matter and cannot be the source of ideation, thinking, remembering or the will, which are immaterial.

     God created man in honor and placed everything at his disposal, honoring him as the ruler of all the earth. But man abdicated that position of honor and was left to his own devices and the inimical spirit from below. Losing his honor, acquiring pain and suffering, storms and famine, along with revolutions and wars have continuously plagued man. With what honor was man bestowed! From the account in the Bible, we find that man was totally different than all other creatures, for all creatures are body and soul, and all are subject to man, for this reason. "And God formed man out of the clay of the earth, and breathed into his person the spirit of life, and the man became a living soul."

     Here is the supremely wonderful and glorious beginning of the human race. The first man was, taken from the earth and was lifeless until God breathed out of himself His spirit into the man, rendering him delightfully conscious, and now able to realize his existence and offer worship to God, thanksgiving to God, and with total freedom, choose to be faithful to love God. He enjoyed intimate conversations with God which warmed his soul and body. Every man also has the intellect from the Logos of God, through which he enjoys right reason and the ability to think and plan and carry our ideas.

     But man is even more precious than we can imagine, for he is destined to become a god like God, reigning for ever in the heavenly kingdom. This life is a training ground in preparation for the next life and if we do not engage enthusiastically in this training we cannot expect to progress even to the next level. For we must be sanctified and glorified by God, through the method he taught us, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Let us praise and glorify He who made everything out of nothing, and who created us out of His great love causing streams of grace to pour forth from His being.

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