Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Anathema            Leave it alone; set aside, keep away (anathema                                  cannot be lifted
Apostolic            Successor of and keeper of Apostolic doctrine
Blasphemy          To speak profanely against the holy

Catholic              For all people and nations, not exclusive
Christ                 The Anointed One
Consciousness     Know together with

Devil                  Name means slanderer of God
Dogma              Established belief which is true
Entification         Bringing matter into existence

Essence              Hypostasis and nature together
Hades                 Prison of souls beneath the earth
Heresy              Choosing an opinion, contrary to accepted teaching

Heterousian Of a different essence
Homousion Of the same essence
Hypostasis Substance; that which stands beneath

Hypothesis Statement of thought, predicated to be truth                                       based on known truth
Idea                   Mind’s image which distinguishes a being
Gehenna           Eternal torment, the second realm of permanent                                  death

Life                 In man, the spirit, only source is God the Giver                                   of life
Logos Reason, speech, idea, word; 
Love Desire to give all the good to the one loved

Messiah            The Christ
Metaphysical Beyond the physical; inwardly distinguishes a                                    being 
Mundification Actions of forming the world or worlds

Nature              Sum total attributes of a being
Neighbor          Biblical sense; One very near an dear to me
Nexus              The connecting link or bind

Nous, noetic The mind, of the mind
Ontological That which pertains to the explanation of beingness
Orthodox         The right or correct understanding or teaching

Paradigm         A model or type of reality
Paralogism Reasoning that is not complete or lacking in correctness
Person An entity, an ego that is reflective of thoughts
Philosophy  Love of Wisdom; science whose object is the                                     divine Wisdom
Physical        That which pertains to sense-perceptive reality
Pneuma          Spirit, breath; in reference to God, uncreated                                       essence

Principal           The first of many
Principle           The leader the main, fundamental law or axiom
Prophet             One who speaks for God to people

Prosopon          The fore-face, countenance, person
Psychology Science of the soul of man and its attributes and                                qualities
Rudder,              The Collection of all canons of Orthodoxy

Spirit Greek pneuma, breath, was breathed into man
Syllogism           Deductive reasoning, premising a major, minor,                                  and conclusive sentence
Synodikon That which pertains to the same path
Truth Correct and precise representation of a being

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