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     Secular society,Ecumenism and Philo-papism, by the sleight of hand of name-changing, have been the cause of complacency for both sinners and heretics, causing them to remain in their errors. Instead they should be encouraged to change and act for the better, which is the only course of action which will lead them to eternal life,  but now they are left lifeless.

1. Fornication is defined as all sexual acts outside of the legitimate marriage of a man and woman, as God ordained. 

Name Change: Doing away with the name fornication, it was changed to “making love” or “living together.” This name change dulls the sting of the sin and encourages continuation of the “deadly sin of fornication.The Lord firmly declares: “Fornicators shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

2. A heretic is one who has an opinion. From the Greek heresia.  In Holy Scripture it is forbidden to dialogue with them with this command: “A man that is a heretic after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such a person is subverted and sins being self- condemned” (Titus 3: 10-11). Everyone. Clergy or laity, outside of the Orthodox Church are outside because of their own opinions or heresies. From the earliest days of the Church, the Fathers have anathematized heresies of the heretics. To return to the Church they must denounce all their wrong beliefs and embrace only the true Orthodox Faith.

Heretics to brothers

By changing their names from heretics to “brothers” they commit two evils. One is they prevent their accepting the truths of Orthodoxy, because they are equal in brotherhood. There is no clergy among them, but they are addressed as clerics.

In recognizing their sacraments, such as baptism, they declare that the Holy Spirit is cooperating with heretics. The truth is that they are impoverished and need the true Faith and baptism. All that are outside are outside of their own choice.  For this reason the Theologian says in his First Epistle: “They went out from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us;  but they went out that it might be made manifest that they were not all of us” (1 John 2:19).

3. The Monophysite heresy:   

Leaders changed their name to “Oriental Orthodox Christians.”

     Over 1500 years ago, the Monophysites were excluded from the Church, for denying the two natures of Christ. In modern times, after meeting with Orthodox leaders, they still confess a single nature in Jesus Christ and they were given a name change to “Oriental Orthodox Christians.”

That their heresy remains is simple to understand. They claim that the two natures became one in the incarnate Christ, which is the heresy they held. The truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ has both a divine nature being eternally born from His Father and a human nature, being born in time  from the Virgin Mary. Now the Orthodox address the Monophysites as  brothers and are welcomed by many Orthodox, contrary to the fact that they stubbornly remain in their heresy.


FROM the Papacy to Sister Church and brothers

4. The Papacy   (the Former Roman Catholic Church has been known as the Papacy and is centered, not on Christ but on the Pope of Rome is renamed  a sister church!  The Pope is now welcomed as a brother in Christ. (Names changed)

     How can the Papacy be a church when they willingly apostatized from the Catholic Church a thousand years ago. The  Popes were the original Protestant reformers. Having totally changed what was once part of the True Church.  And they morphed into the Papacy or  Roman Catholic Church. The Popes seized rigid control of their new institution, and they established safeguards to protect it being seized by others seeking authority. They  invented myths claiming the Pope to be the only Bishop of Jesus Christ. They usurped His divine-human power and authority. Also, by claiming himself as being the only guide of the church, he nullified the authority of the Holy Spirit. He claims to be the vicar who alone represents Christ, which  is a falsehood which overthrowing the entire idea of Christ for His Church. “Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”. Jesus Christ is the rock. Jesus Christ is the Head. Jesus is the founder of His Church.  Jesus did not form the magesterium and the Papacy. Jesus did not separate the clergy from the laity, nor would He make the clergy supreme and the laity inferior like the Papacy. To accuse Jesus of this is a great insult, for He is our Head and we are His Body, one Church to His glory and honor for ever.  Amen.

     Orthodoxy do not recognize the Papacy as a Church for that would make two churches and would prove us to be double=minded and unstable.  Think of it! A thousand years! They have added more and more errors to their bad beliefs and heresies, even to making up things as they go along. For example, for hundreds of years they believe in Limbo of the infants. A recent Pope just nullified this fictitious place.

     Contrary to erroneous authorities, Orthodoxy  rejects the insane idea of a second sister church, particularly one  led by the Popes of Rome.  They do not baptize, chrismate, or commune or do anything according to tradition. They deprive infants from Holy Communion. They teach that sinners not to worry, for they will send them to heaven after their souls suffer for its sins in purgatory, to pay for its sins. 


5.The Protestants are also have been renamed brothers in Christ. The Protestants being offspring of the Papacy,thus each Protestant becomes like a little pope, deciding what he will believe and what he will reject, not deciding on what is true and what is false/ Most Protestants are iconoclasts, they do not baptize with three immersions, most do not believe that Christ flesh and blood is real but only make believe. They do not honor the Theotokos or the Saints and Martyrs, there being a few exceptions. They are completely disconnected from the Holy Fathers and the ancient Church, almost as if it did not even exist, so, having no guides, they believe whatever they desire!  If they do not like their church they just start another one!

Although you change the name of anything  it will remain the same!

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