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     In the beginning of the Bible it is written:

1.  “Let us create man in our own image and likeness . . .”

2.  “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God Created he Him; male and female created He them . . . ” 

    In the first verse isour Lord's intention to form in the future a man and men exactly like himself, in His own image and likeness.

   In the second verse is the actual creation of Adam and Eve and through them, the whole human race, in the image of God with the potential  and divinely ordained plan, to become also the likeness of God.

     We can gaze at the sun, moon, stars, trees, oceans, mountains, and all created works, but will not be able to see even the slightest glimpse of God, for God is a spirit and what we see are His works.  But when we look at another human being, we are closer to seeing God than any other place in the universe. For every man and woman is formed in the image of  the true God, the undivided Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

     The Father is eternal and  unoriginate, and is the Eternal Mind from whom all that exists is derived.  Christ says, no man has seen the Father!  Indeed and no man has seen the mind (not brain) of another man at any time, for the mind is invisible.

     The Father Mind, eternally generates His Logos and perfect Idea. The Logos is not another God but is God of God, being one of the Trinity, never separated from the Father. In the Logos who is eternally being born of the Father, there is exactly what is in the Father Mind. He is being born of the  Father, and never leaves Him for there is one God.  

     God necessarily has the idea and Spirit of himself. From the Father is born the eternal Logos and the eternal Spirit is emanated. For to know,  signifies nothing else but to have in mind the type and idea of it. Hence if we say, I have no idea of such a things I say nothing else but that I do not know it. But when we say, I have an idea  of something it means that I know it.

     Without spirit understanding is not possible for there would be no ideation, nor knowledge, but ignorance.

     Let us look at man and we can see God more clearly.

God is perfect with an intellect or mind Father, a logos or word, and a Spirit of understanding.

Man is imperfect,having a limited intellect or mind, a logos or word, and a spirit of understanding.

     While God is always the same good and perfect, man is changeable according to his choice. He has an insidious and invisible enemy who viciously attacks him striving to reduce man to  his own ugly miserable image. He is known as the Devil and demons are his companions, together they have a single intention, to blind man so that he will not know the most important truth of all.  This truth is that God desires to sanctify and glorify man and reform him into His own image and likeness, awarding such a man as being worthy of eternal life.

     Crime, irreverence, lying, cheating, stealing, revolutions and wars are instigated and fomented by the Evil one to men.  This causes man to rise against man and nation to rise against nation, spreading misery everywhere.

     Humility, meekness, justice, generosity. Peace and gentleness are those who have “found  and followed the Messiah”.  Christ is the man who is the perfect image and likeness of God and is the man that we all need to become, until we rise  to the fullness and stature of Christ.

     There is no place in between following Jesus Christ or the Devil, it is one or the other.  If we follow Jesus Christ, we will belong to His Orthodox Church, not to man made and man led churches which are traps. In His Church we will be taught His truth, we will be baptized into His death and resurrection, sanctified, glorified and deified. Then following this extremely short span of  life, we will be granted, by His mercy and kindness, everlasting life in the Kingdom of heaven.

  Man becomes more like God as he becomes more like Christ, the Godman, for when he becomes merciful, kind, honest, humble and meek. He is filled with love for mankind, desires that no one perish, but that all come to knowledge of truth and salvation. 

     But man, without God and faith gradually becomes more like his enemy the Devil when he becomes malicious and hard-hearted, he becomes arrogant,  angry and a cheater.  He imitates his master, the Devil when he  robs, burglarizes properties and murders his fellow man.

     Let us remember that we cannot come any closer to God on earth than to the very image of God in our fellow man, whom we should honor and respect as an equal. And even if the image in men be marred, there still remains an image, and there is always hope for its restoration and sanctification for this is the reason that Christ founded His Church.

     It is written: “The fool says in his heart; there is no God.” Let the Bible remain true and let those who choose foolishness remain foolish, but let us rejoice that we are not fools, and that we are able to come so close to God in His image –man!

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